3b Time II

Exc 3.2 exhibit 5

Half Crown
Figs. Ex3.2AC – AF
Images taken 15th October 2018
Panasonic G80 with a Lumix 12-60 zoom (24-124 equ)
fig. Ex3.2AC 1/4 sec; f/22; ISO 3200, lens @ 18mm (37mm)
Ex3.2AD 1/4 sec; f/16; ISO 800 @ 18mm (37mm)
Ex3.2AE and AF1/4 sec; f/22; ISO 3200 @ 20mm (41mm)


Further experiments with moving subjects and shutter speeds. The shutter effects from 1/3200 sec down (or is it up?) to 1/8 were explored there. These images are at the long end of the spectrum are shown here. They show that the movement of the coin, although inconvenient to photograph, actually created an unexpected and delightful aesthetic effect. The overexposure of the subject was discussed on a previous exercise and corrective post processing has been applied to the last and most complex image.